Intern Program

Who are our Interns?

  • Interns are native Spanish speakers who are 21-29 years old. They are students or recent college graduates. Many already have teaching experience or have worked with youth.

  • Interns work side by side with our classroom teachers to gain teaching skills, share teaching techniques from their countries, and represent their culture. The interactions among the Interns and students are invaluable! Interns receive a monthly stipend (paid by PTO) to cover the cost of their cell phone, personal care items, and travel/entertainment costs.

  • Interns have two Host families (one for each semester) and two Aunt & Uncle families (assigned for the entire school year). Interns enjoy sharing their culture and the Spanish language with your children, while practicing and improving their English with you!

Interested in becoming a Host or Aunt & Uncle family for next year?

Please email Intern Coordinators (Britta Weidner and Dawn Sax) at or CLICK HERE to submit your info online.